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hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and adam may. vic is off tonight. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> paramedics rush the 6-year- old to the hospital where he died just a few moments ago. this all broke out near the bay bridge. wjz is live and mike hellgren has the latest on this tragedy and on a water rescue just north of baltimore. >> reporter: we understand he was on an unguarded area of the beach and had a faint heartbeat when he was pulled from the water. but just couldn't hang on. a little boy who was rescued from the water off sandy point state park this morning has died. he went missing in about 4 feet of water in the south beach area and people formed a human chain to search for the youngster. brandy watts' found him. >> my father touched him with his leg and he picked him up. he said here he is, here he is. >> reporter: the 6-year-old was
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rushed away in an ambulance. >> they are well trained to handle such an emergency. immediately call 911 so we can come give assistance. >> reporter: the park was crowded. >> it was scary. everybody was like, where is he at. >> they should be proactive and stay with their kids all the time. keep an eye on them. >> if there's silence, there's a problem. someone should always maintain a watch. if you can't swim, please wear a personal flotation device. >> reporter: this is the second tragedy on the water this holiday. at gun powder state park, a little boy was rescued after his tube flipped. three people have died at maryland state parks this year including two during the memorial day holiday.
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14 people have died on the water in anne arundel county alone. mike, thank you. the area where the 6-year-old died is one of two designated areas in that park. late word tonight of another possible drowning, this one also in anne arundel county. rescue crews are on the scene. right now of an unoccupied boat running in circles on dobbin island. they are trying to determine if someone fell overboard. we'll let you know as soon as we get any information. a boat was making a sharp turn when it suddenly flipped over. rescuers found a man but could not find a second man. >> i stayed with the boat that was sinking, looking for the diver. two or three minutes at a time. i went inside the boat and i could not find him.
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>> police have not released the name of that missing maryland native just yet. on this holiday, fourth out of july holiday we could see a few rain drops. a little cloudy and some storms could be on the horizon. so do you need to take an umbrella out with you tonight? bernadette woods is tracking the storms. >> unfortunately yes there are some thunderstorms out there. let's go to doppler radar and show you where those are. most of them had stayed west, including this batch. now it's heading toward southern parts of the state. for the baltimore metro region, we're more concerned on what's happening right here. still going to take a little while but it if holds together it could interfere with local fireworks plans. that's something that could be a touch and go subject. we will keep you updated on that. southern parts of the state,
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severe watches are in effect. severe thunderstorms watch in effect for those southern counties until 10:00 tonight, adam. >> slow moving storms tonight. we hope the rain holds off tonight for the fireworks. jessica cartalia has a preview of the dazzling display in downtown baltimore. you probably had a nice time out on that boat late this afternoon, jess. >> i wish we could take our crew around the harbor and enjoy it. everyone out here, and there's a lot of people out here are hoping the rains and storms do hold off. i will let you know, if in fact, they need to cancel the show, they will have the fireworks tomorrow without the music and everything. so we're hoping they still go off without a hitch. >> reporter: hours before the fire works light up the night sky. >> this has been a celebration of all celebrations. >> reporter: theinner harbor is packed with people. kids stay cool and play games
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as they wait for the big show. >> it is 4th of july, independence day and i'm from the city of brotherly love where it all began. >> reporter: not only is baltimore patriotic but your shirt is patriotic. >> right, i'm in a patriotic mood today. >> being out here when the fireworks, it's just so amazing, you see everybody return to being a child. >> i enjoyed the last time i came down with my kids. so i really wanted to be down here again. >> reporter: some arrived early to get the best seat of the house. >> the best place to watch. >> you have a birds eye view, nobody is in front of you to block your view and you see it all. >> reporter: okay now just to give you an idea. people have been coming down all afternoon. there are several police officers who have already aligned themselves all along the harbor walk literally within the last, i want to say 20 minutes, half hour, people have just packed the house here. over here, i don't know how much of this you'll be able to
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see. but again people just lining up to see the shows and then people taking on the grassy area as well. packing picnics and just out here enjoying a wonderful time. so again, guys, we really hope that the weather cooperates. we're going to have to talk to meteorologist bernadette woods about that. >> they're staking out their spots already and they have balloon animals on their head already. >> maybe you just need to pack an umbrella. but right now it's gorgeous and it's fine. we're thinking positive. >> keep your fingers crossed. crews have spent the last few days setting up all those fireworks. wjz is a proud sponsor of the port america 4th of july fireworks show. the show kicks off at 9:30 tonight. if for some reason it is not tonight it'll be tomorrow night. we'll keep you posted right here on wjz. honoring america, thousands of people show up today for 4th
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of july parades across maryland. >> reporter: patriotic music, the float, the fun, it is all part of the parades that have become such a hallmark of the 4th of july and they were happening in towns and cities across maryland today. military jets marked the beginning of the parade, an event that had hundreds lining the streets early for the best seat. >> i've been coming down to this parade forever, bringing family down. >> fire trucks waving flags and waving politicians part of almost any parade. but for many here it's the music that brings home their love of country. >> i am just glad to see them out here. i love the feel the drums, get the stir and the old adrenaline going. >> i love the bands. especially on the 4th of july they make me feel patriotic. they make me cheer for the flag again. it's the best feeling for me.
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>> reporter: to kids, parades are patriotism in its most basic form. >> reporter: it's about remembers america's past and celebrate the future. >> it's time to celebrate, spend time with family. hopefully it'll mean a lot to him in years to come. >> reporter: these parades are pretty expensive to produce. this one here in town is going to cost $30,000, all paid for by generous donations and sponsors. we will take you out to more parades. and show you one unique patriotism in one community. detectives right now trying to figure out who killed law
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are giddings. the recent law school graduate disappeared in georgia. police believe a dismembered body found near her apartment is hers. police are still searching in the area around her apartment. the fate of casey anthony is now in the fate of the jury. they are trying to decide whether the young florida mother killed her daughter. >> reporter: jurors are now deciding if casey anthony murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee. prosecutors got the last word. >> who's life was better without caylee? there's your answer. >> reporter: anthony's hard and partying is evident that the 25- year-old department want to be a mom anymore. they tried to prove she suffocated caylee with duct tape. >> that tape had to have been on that skull before she decomposed. >> reporter: to get a guilty verdict, prosecutors must
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convince jurors beyond a reasonable doubt. and the defense has offered the seven women and five men on the jury an entirely different explanation of caylee's death. the defense claims caylee accidentally drowned in her grandparent's pool. >> there's the proof. that she could easily get outside. >> reporter: and that her grandfather tried to cover it up. >> these photographs tell the truth. >> reporter: but in their final rebuttal, prosecutors pounced. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. that's absurd. >> reporter: if convicted of first degree murder, anthony could face the death penalty. >> anthony is facing a handful of other charges. we will let you know as soon as the jury reaches a verdict. kahn is facing charges for
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an alleged attack on a hotel maid in new york. but prosecutors are worried that case could be falling apart. kahn plans to file a slander lawsuit against the woman who is making the new accusations. still to come tonight, cleaning up from violent storms. >> it was unbelievable, the wind, the rain coming and the push of the wind was like a tidal wave. the damage left behind after wicked weather hits the washington, d.c. area. >> he's probably the last person that deserves what has happened to him. >> a former marine murdered. the grim milestone it means for the city and his family's plea for justice. the run away winner at this year's hot dog eating contest. and there's a chance that rain may ruin this 4th of
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july's bar-b-ques and fireworks shows. we'll have weather right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a grim milestone tonight for a family. a military veteran was gunned down. >> i have a niece that wants to know where her daddy is. >> reporter: family and friends hold a vigil for the third
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victim of 2011. >> i just want whoever did this to know that you left my daughter without a father, you left me without a husband. >> reporter: christopher samuel served in the military, he did not have a criminal record. >> he always said he was going to have a good father, who was going to take care of his family. who was always going to do the right thing. he was never one to get in trouble, he was never one to walk the street. >> reporter: samuel was shot in the back here in the upton neighborhood of west baltimore. police believe it was a robbery because he was on his cell phone at the time of the murder. >> who ever he was on the phone with said, they said, that christopher said, i don't have any money so if you're going to kill me you're not going to get anything. >> reporter: police have no clues in the murder, leaving his family looking for answers. >> people are going to miss him
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so much including me, he was just like my best friend. >> in all this i want justice for him and i will not give up until i have it. >> funeral services will be tomorrow on north avenue. a fight at a downtown parking garage sends one man to the hospital. baltimore city police tells us the man was shot in the chest after running into a former neighbor who he's had problems with before. detectives right now questioning several possible suspects. the shooting victim is expected to survive. some severe weather in the waá washington, d.c. area. lightning is being blamed for one man's death and thousands of power outages. >> reporter: familys are cleaning up after a monstrous storm. >> in the ten years i've lived here this was the most violent storm. the winds had the trees
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bending. >> reporter: new york, and arlington in virginia were the hardest hit. the force of the wind snapped utility poles and sheered trees. >> there were trees all over my neighborhood. >> reporter: there was also lightning that downed power lines and blocked roads. lightning hit that tree which then fell on a 66-year-old man riding his bike. he died at the scene. the storm also caused the evacuation of the national mall as thousands of people showed up for a rehearsal of the capital's 4th of july concert. >> my mom was telling us to get downstairs and when i was going downstairs i saw a blue flash. >> reporter: leaving thousands of residents without power. andrea fujihi. the same storm also knocked out power to thousands of
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customers in central maryland. but bge has repaired most of the outages tonight. lightning instruct on a getty sburg battlefield. are they're calling it a freak accident. five people were rushed to the hospital. officers say they've never seen severe weather like this during the 17 years they've had that reenactment. i know this is a big point you drive home. it's the lightning that could be so dangerous. >> even when we don't have severe thunderstorms warnings lightning is a very, very dangerous thing. sometimes unfortunately if you're sleeping in a tent -- >> what are you going to do. >> that's a very sad story. but if you can do anything about it you want to get into safety. that's for sure. >> and not under a tree. >> not under a tree. that is not the place to go. this is what we have going on right now. we want to show you the thunderstorms right now. because if you're any where near the beaches you know it's going on. this has been sitting over bethny beach for over an hour now. we are going to continue to
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track this and more showers coming into the area after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's hope we don't have severe weather. >> are these storms stalling out, bern? they don't seem to be moving
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very fast. >> they are very slow movers. >> that's what we're hoping, that's what we're hoping will happen. notice even when we put them into motion how slow they are moving. only about 40 miles per hour. that will take a while to get out of the state. we will have some time before we start watching these get into the baltimore region. we just showed you these thunderstorms that have been moving into our region. tonight, a lot of this is heading down toward dc and this is heading toward maryland. so these are the areas we're going to be watching for a fireworks forecast tonight. we'll take you back a little lit, we have all the thunderstorms west of us.
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that's what brought our temperatures down. this severe thunderstorms watch in effect until 10:00 tonight for these southern counties. for the rest of us this has been filled in now for the entire baltimore metro region. that's an air quality alert for tomorrow. quote orange air quality alert. because the humidity levels will be coming up. just a couple of degrees here though. 87 in baltimore, 88 in dc. so 90 in easton. and we did get to 90 for our high. through this entire forecast we're going to be above average. the one we're watching with all those questions for tonight and is going to stall out in our region for the next two days. with it around there is that chance for a shower and thunderstorms. but by wednesday, yesterday another front is coming in our direction. what that's going to do is push this front away then bring in another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. so we had varying chances for showers and thunderstorms. all the while it's going to
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remain very warm. look upstream. it's not cooling down behind this front. it's 89 degrees in minneapolis. out on the waters if you're heading out tomorrow. just be careful of the showers and thunderstorms. it's possible most of the day will be at five knots. forecast tonight, it's a big concern if the fireworks. chance of a shower and thunderstorms. for tomorrow, mixed clouds and sunshine. 90 and muggy for our high. chance for a late shower or thunderstorms. we'll have your five day coming up in just a little bit. >> i know you're going to keep the website updated all night long. >> we will, and if it's not the most recent and you want the most recent we have our radar on >> so you can watch it and see where it's going. >> right. >> it's a 4th of july tradition but not for the weak of heart. contestants took down dozens, and i mean dozens of hot dogs
6:25 pm
with the hopes of being the winner. >> reporter: who can eat the most hot dogs in 10 minutes. joey chestnut downed 62 hot dogs. chewing his way to the top for the second time in a row. for the first time ever, nathan's held a woman's event. sonia thomas won the competition. thomas is known as the black widow . she competed when the competition was a giant event. and one person who did not compete today, kobiashi. >> i think he's scared. >> i think he's afraid to lose. i think he knows chestnut has
6:26 pm
his number right now. >> reporter: kobiashi held his own contest in a rooftop. >> it's his choice not to be here. it's sad that he thinks he's kobe bryant, this is competitive eating, it's supposed to be fun. >> reporter: less than one minute. >> reporter: organizers say this competition is evolving. and they will continue to have a men and women's event. so the female eaters get the attention they deserve. in new york, randall pinkston. wjz news. i do like nathan's hot dogs but in moderation. chestnut downed more than 18,000-calories during his 10 minute bing. that's about nine times the amount of calories the government recommends you should eat in one day. that's if it all got digested. >> let's throw them all in water so they're partially
6:27 pm
broken down before you eat them. >> but you know $30,000. >> maybe it's worth it. buffalo wings and i'll do it. a dangerous side effect, the unhealthy problems that people are seeing after taking a drug to stop smoking. and a maryland traditional continues. the story coming up here on wjz. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30, 78 degrees and partly cloudy. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. it is back to the bargaining table. lawmakers return to work tomorrow and they will try to reach an agreement over the debt debate. danielle nottingham reports for wjz. both sides are still far apart. >> reporter: the 4th of july parade made its way through the streets of washington.
6:31 pm
but the celebration is not stopping the budget battle. senators are cutting their july recess to work on a deal and the biggest sticking point is taxes. the president wants billions in tax increases to lower the debt. the gop says no way. >> republicans are opposed to any tax hikes, particularly during a fragile economic recovery. >> reporter: senator cornin and other republicans have signaled they are willing to compromise on loopholes but both seem apart from a budget deal. no talks between the parties have been scheduled. republicans are insisting the white house get involved with negotiations, but the president wants congress to first lay the ground work for a deal. >> and i'm confident that democrats and republicans in government can find a way to give some ground. make some tough choices. and put their shoulders to the wheel to get this done for the sake of the country. >> the pressure >> reporter: the treasury says
6:32 pm
if a deal is not made by july 22nd, the country will default on its debt. some economists worry if the country defaults on its debt that could cause another economic crisis. a hoarable hoax on twitter. hackers make up a lie about president obama being killed. someone hacked into the fox feed overnight. then they sent out twitts saying that president obama had been assassinated in iowa. now the secret service is looking at who made up the fake hoax. the american troops in afghanistan are spending independence day waiting to come home. three senate heavyweights are now questioning president obama's troop pull out plan. >> key senators are raising doubts about president obama's withdrawal plan for afghanistan.
6:33 pm
>> it is an unnecessary risk. >> i really do worry that this may have undercut the momentum, i hope i'm wrong. >> reporter: john mccain and lindsay gram call the strategy too risky. and said it could put both american troops and the mission in jeopardy. the plan which the president unveiled last month calls for pulling out 10,000 troops by the end of this year with another 23,000 gone by the end of next summer. >> i hope it will work out but it is certainly deprives us of the necessary troops we needed for the second fighting season. >> reporter: but the obama administration is standing by its plan saying success is on the ground, especially the killing of osama bin laden has made it possible. >> al-qaida is under more pressure than at any time since 9/11. >> reporter: still this deadly taliban raid on a hotel in kabul shows insurgents are not willing to go quietly. >> if we don't succeed here
6:34 pm
and th taliban comes back into power, we'll be attacked again. >> reporter: american troops are carrying on with their mission preparing to give power back to the people. >> right now about 90,000 american troops are stationed in afghanistan. thousands of evacuees return home at wildfires still blaze strong in parts of new mexico. threats to a nuclear plant has eased. now firefighters are trying to protect american indian tribe as the blaze continues to burn. the ruptured pipeline operated by exxonmobil has spewed an estimated 42,000- gallons of crude oil into the river. david jay reports for wjz on
6:35 pm
the clean up effort. >> it's heartbreaking, it's heartbreaking man. >> reporter: those who live in montana's big sky country are used to seeing the stunning beauty. >> the river in montana, we're all proud of it. >> reporter: homeowners evacuated by the weekend's oil spill returned to the ground soaked in oil. >> we shut down this pipeline in late may as a precautionary measure when we had very heavy rains in this area. >> reporter: the cause of the rupture is unknown. worse damage is limited to a 10- mile stretch. but that governor says, we need to have a inspection of that river and small boats and soon. >> there's oil all over the topsoil. and i don't, you know i don't
6:36 pm
want my animals eating that. >> reporter: oil has seeped on to pastureland used for livestock. it's been spotted 100 miles down river. >> it feels overwhelming, it's scary. >> reporter: yellow stone national park is not threatened. but the river is and it's one of the most pristine fishing spots in the world. i'm david jay, billings montana. regulators warned exxonmobil of several safety violations along that pipeline twice in the last year. on a positive note, partiotism filled the streets as people turned out to watch marching band. sweating it out before enthusiast spectators waving
6:37 pm
their red, white and blue. parades, bar-b-ques and fireworks are all part of baltimore's traditional. and there's a traditional that takes place every single day of the year but it takes on a special meaning on independence day. >> reporter: it's a star spangled holiday all over maryland. >> it's for families everywhere. >> reporter: at chicken roost deli they recite the pledge of allegiance every single day. >> you're cleaning your mind thinking this is a great place. i'm lucky to do what i'm doing and i'm getting my day off to a good start. >> i bleed red, white and blue. >> reporter: that's because owner larson was born on the
6:38 pm
4th of july. >> i get my day started by saying the pledge of allegiance. >> good morning and welcome to chicken roost. >> reporter: a welcomed way to start the day in our state capital. especially on this day of independence. >> it never seizes to amaze me the warm feeling you get after its all over and how happy the patrons are that we do this every day. >> with liberty and justice for all, thank you and have a very good day. >> reporter: ron max, wjz eyewitness news. >> chicken roost deli opened its doors in 1965. that pledge is said every morning at 8:30 in the morning. all right. >> only had lunch there. always missed the pledge. >> it's a great place if you're hungry. >> i am. a possible break in the case of a missing college student. the important discovery that could hold some very important crews for police. >> it's just really hard to believe at this point, it's kind of surreal.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: disparate times calling for desperate measures. >> and i'm bernadette woods in for bob turk in the first warning weather center. we're putting together the five day forecast, we'll have that for you when we come back. >> here are the top stories on at this hour. for all the updates ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police in indianapolis are trying to determine that a body found last night is the body of university missing student lauren gill. a body was found floating in the water, it is near the home of lauren gill. they have confirmed the body is female. an autopsy will be done tomorrow. moving to higher ground, an iowa couple determined to keep their home. water is waist deep. now the couple is grabbing their old house by the roots and taking it with them. they have hired crews to transport their entire home from its flooded location to a new area near family. >> it's sad to think that it'll
6:43 pm
never be back where it was. that was our community and our neighborhood. >> we obviously feel very upset for our neighbors and loved ones, we're fortunate enough to experience what we've experienced. >> reporter: the couple says they're being proactive because if river is expected to rise more than five to 7 feet above flood stage. officials predict the river will remain high at least until august. new safety questions about a popular anti smoking drug chantax. as joel brown reports for us tonight, a new study out of john hopkins right here in baltimore shows that healthy middle age smokers increase their health problems. >> reporter: saxophone player calvin wanted to kick his smoking habit so he tried the drug chantix. >> it certainly made me not want to smoke. but eventually i relapsed once
6:44 pm
i was off the drug. >> reporter: millions of americans use chantix to stop smoking. but new studies find that people who take chantix face a risk of heart disease. the food and drug administration raised concerns with patients taking chantix with preexisting hard disease. drug maker feizer says it stands behind the drug. >> there's a small amount of events. >> reporter: researchers admit the over all chances of drug problems are small but significant because of the drug's widespread use. >> allowing one in 28 smokers would have a cardiac event. >> reporter: about 50% of per
6:45 pm
persistent smokers die from smoking. chantix already carries a warning for side effects. >> i talked to my doctor yesterday and he's going to do a little bit of research for me. >> this time he's trying to kick the habit for good. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the warner on chantix includes side effects like depression and suicidal thoughts. coming up, the orioles celebrate a star of their own. >> we hope it's a good celebration. well tell you how you can help send another oriole to the all star game, coming up. the kincaids live here.
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we could see a little rain tonight, we're hoping that's where just a little rain. bernadette is here with a look at the first warning forecast. >> we've been tracking this through the early shows, take a look right now. it is not making that much progress to the east but slowly it's trying to. this thunderstorms has been over the beaches. that could be moving toward all
6:49 pm
of the metro areas for this evening fire work activities. chance of a thunderstorms and take a look at the next couple of days, we stay warm and muggy. increased chances once again wednesday through friday. adam. >> all right, bernadette, thanks a lot. scot pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. cbs evening news. it's a drug many take to ,,, ÷x#
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6:52 pm
we're wondering if the former president will be there watching the orioles tonight. adam is here with the wjz fan sports report. >> 102 degrees in arlington tonight. they did end the five game losing streak, the orioles did. they beat the braves yesterday. the birds have dropped 12 of their last 18 games. on the bright side, one of
6:53 pm
their young players selected for the american all star team. wieters, most notable his success getting out on stolen base attempts. wieters talks about being named an all star in just his second full season in the big leagues. >> i don't think you ever ever invision how it will happen. but it makes you very excited all the work you've put in in the past and able to make it into an all star game. hopefully one day, i was going to be able to get there and it might have happened sooner than i could imagine, but it's a great feeling. >> reporter: it's still possible wieters could be joined by teammate adam jones. heist in the he's the one of the finalists in the fan selection.
6:54 pm
here's a disturbing trend, oriole starters have gone 28 games without throwing at least 7 innings. orioles are going to face texas pitcher levis. two teams the o's are facing in the division, the red sox and toronto blue jays. the jays beat up on lachey. jays jump up to a 7-0 lead. injury update, jeter is back in the line up for new york's game at cleveland tonight. jeter has been out since june 15 with a calf strain. he is six hits away from 3,000 hits for his career. over seas, to cycling tour de france. a 123-mile dash and how fitting
6:55 pm
that on the 4th of july, the first place winner is an american rider. first american ever to win a tour de france stage on the 4th of july. orioles highlights tonight. we'll see if they do well on the commemorative cap. >> needs a little shake. >> it's all you. >> thanks, mark, i will keep it. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have a patriotic evening here on cbs. boston's fireworks spectacular. then stick around for wjz news at 11:00. we'll have a wrap up of the 4th of july activities. rain seems to be coming pretty slow.
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, a surprising new medical study. it links a popular anti-smoking drug to heart problems. dr. jon lapook examine it is study and what it means. mandy clark one on one with the top u.s. commander in afghanistan on the future of the war and the decision to begin pulling out. the man accused of the worst war crimes in europe since the natsys shows nothing but contempt for justice. mark phillips has the pictures from the court. and on this fourth of july as the space shuttle program nears an end, jim axelrod asks "what happened to the flags on the moon?" >> it's beautiful. >> pelley: do those star spangled banners yet wave? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, chantix is the most popular anti-smoking drug on the market with annual sales of

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